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Vendors for Oklahoma

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Innovative toys, including the original Toy Parachute. Highest quality boys dress up featuring astronauts, firefighter and armed forces.

Living room fort toy that inflates using a common box fan

Playzoom Smart Watch

Craft kits, friendship bracelet kit, string art, wall décor and the inventor of Loopdeoo.

Haba 2015

Active play and extreme backyard fun items: Slackers, American Ninja Warrior, Playzone-Fit and 4Fun. There is something to offer every level of adventurer, from toddler stage all the way through to adulthood.

Battle Game is a bouncing—and oftentimes ricocheting, rolling, and hopping—family party game. The object is to bounce orange and white ping pong balls into the wooden cube.

Fun & Trendy bling studded goggles with UV protection as well as trendy totes and swim caps.

Haba 2015

Family board games, easy to learn, fun to play, and engaging for a wide range of ages.

Craft kits including Decoupage, DIY Lanterns and Candle Critters.

Authentic American Toys, Games & Puzzles Made in the USA

Haba 2015

Children’s plush rockers and battery operated motion toys.

Clocky is the only alarm clock that runs away beeping to get you out of bed on time. Nearly 50% of people “abuse the snooze.” Clocky will let you snooze once but then he will jump off of your nightstand and run away beeping, determined to get you out of bed. Never Oversleep Again.

Beautiful high-quality board books for babies and toddlers.

Thinking Putty is a high-quality, silicone-based putty that is safe, nontoxic and will never dry out. Some favorite effects include: glow-in-the-dark, heat sensitive, magnetic, metallic, and scented putty. Made in the USA.

Beautiful Belgium-designed preschool toys and furniture.

Active sports, including trampolines, slimeball products and spinos.

Haba 2015

Halloween costumes and accessories. License include: Disney, Sesame Workshop, Harry Potter, Frozen, Halo and many more.

Haba 2015

Ditty Bird musical board books are the perfect instrument for playful learning through music and sounds.

Yo-Yo’s,Brain Games, re-chargeable Flying Bird & Planes, Gliders, Flying Discs, Boomerangs, Juggling Balls/Clubs/Rings.

E-blox – E-blox takes building blocks to the next level with their patented plug-together bricks and modules that use power and electricity while promoting STEM learning and playing.

Books for all age groups that cover a wide variety of subjects of interest to parents and young readers. Sticker dolly Books, “That’s Not my…” books, Drawing Doodling and Coloring Books.

Educational toys that help build language, musical, motor & sensory skills!

Great assortment of brands: Calico Critters, Aquabeads, Game Zone and Kidoozie.

Haba 2015

An award-winning gifts, games and puzzles. The line also includes dolls, outdoor products, books, arts & crafts and play sets along with Tutti Frutti scented dough. Tutti Frutti is made in Canada.

Fiesta is a leading manufacturer of plush toys. 4,000+ items in our Everyday, Halloween/Christmas, and Valentine’s Day/Spring catalogs.

Haba 2015

Exclusively designed collections of gifts and toys for girls and boys aged 3 to 10. Floss & Rock located in a traditional English seaside resort renowned for its Cotton Candy and Rock Candy otherwise known as Floss & Rock! Games, puzzles, magnetic fun, teasets, color changing umbrellas, sketchbooks and more.

Freeheart thermal insulated drinkware is virtually indestructible and is Made in the USA. Freeheart tumblers keep drinks cold & hot for hours, have reduced sweating, and are dishwasher & microwave safe. The product assortment includes: Hundreds of stock designs including Trend, Tabletop, Coastal, Patriotic, Outdoors, Faith, Special Occasion, Initials and Pets; Sign-it personalized Card-in-a-Cup assortment; Name Drop and full custom design programs; plus a variety of exciting Licensed Properties.

Our African Dwarf Frog BioSpheres™ are a natural biologic ˜lter and require very little maintenance.

Funny Mat Reusable Coloring Mats

Indoor & Outdoor fun for the entire family. Products include Jazzminton and Easy Disk, as well as classics like Lawn Darts and Cornhole.

The brightest, most whimsical glow-in-the-dark stickers ever!

Good games for good times…Featuring Not It!, The Epic Beard, doodad, #SquareUp, and more.

Premium quality brand of dress up, accessories & party items for children. Made in Canada.

Toys, tableware, books, and dough made from 100% recycled and organic materials, and made with 100% play! Made in the USA.


Collections that encourage early development, promote learning, and stimulate imaginations. Our brands include: Little Friends, Spielstabil, Hubelino, Kullerbu, and Highlights. Made in Germany.

Haba 2015

Hot Focus specializes in girls’ accessories from ages 5 to 13. Hot Focus has over 400 items under different categories, such as cosmetics, stationery, body art, hair accessories, nail decorations, jewelry boxes, arts and crafts, wearable and more.

Insect Lore provides inventive and educational products that feature living insects. Best known known for live-insect metamorphosis kits, Insect Lore brings the fun and excitement of science into the classroom and home. All butterfly, ladybug and ant mountain kits offer a fascinating introduction to metamorphosis, entomology, and life cycle learning.

Adorable animated plush.

Beautifully illustrated classical musical books that have all been licensed from famous orchestras around the world.

John Hansen is a one stop shopping experience for all your store needs. From Tweens to Adults, Children Toys to Geeky Trends we are in line with the latest crazes and trendsetters hitting the market today. Our popular brands include; Classic Games Collection, Hoberman, Educa, 4D XX-Ray, Buki Books and many more.

Janod offers a range of colorful and original toys for children from birth to 12 years old: learning toys, pretend play, puzzles, board games, desks, creative arts and decor, outdoor games and more. Lalaboom beads help children discover and develop their essential motor skills at their own pace. Kaloo is soft and beautiful French designed plush.

Haba 2015

High Quality Impulse and Novelty Toys

Kids Against Maturity is a super duper fun card game that takes you and your whole family to the “toilet.”

Natural play makeup, nail polish, hair and body care. Made in the USA.

Theo Klein provides children with high quality roll-playing and interactive toy products with well known brand names like Caterpillar, John Deere, Weber, Bosch, Miele, Braun, andO-Cedar.

A collection of the hottest trends of licensed toys and gifts.

Madd Capp Games & Puzzles has created the world’s most unique and fascinating line of Animal head-shaped Die-Cut jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles made their mark in 2017 after being selected by Oprah Winfrey and O Magazine as one of her FAVORITE Gifts for the 2017 holiday season.

Bringing creative dreams to life with Make It Real, creative products -your gateway to a world of creativity! In 2020 aquired Three Cheers for Girls. We are your one stop shop for Tween lifestyle products and activities.

Haba 2015

Marble Genius is the leader in providing high-quality marble toys and games for the entire family to enjoy.Products include Marble Runs, Marble Mazes, and Accessory Sets

Home of Rock and Roll it – Rainbow Piano, The Genius Square, Spy X and many more unique brands.

Haba 2015

The Tiniest, Cutest, most Kick Butt Bluetooth Speakers on the Planet – My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speakers and My Audio Stories.

Award Winning Construction Toys. Laser Pegs® are the first lighted construction toys in the world that feed the next piece low voltage current to illuminate your creations with LED’s.You can design and build anything you want with Laser Pegs® and use them lit up or turned off.

Pando, The Trivia Game About Us, is the get to know you/personality game for ages 14+.

Haba 2015

innovative art products, classroom supplies and therapeutic tools. Current leading lines include Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix and Magic Stix.

Draw, Create & Play Anytime, Anywhere. Gift, Travel, Educational and Accessory products for children.

Any stationery lover, crafter or pen pal knows the true magic of stickers. Stickers motivate, inspire, entertain and delight with unmatched simplicity.

The signature Playmobil toy is a 7.5 cm tall human figure with a particular smiling face. A wide range of accessories, buildings and vehicles, as well as many sorts of animals, are also part of the Playmobil line. Made in Germany.

Haba 2015

Construction toy that appeals to kids and adults. One simple shape with endless possibility. Precision crafted in Denmark.


Goliath is the leader in children’s action games. We also offer a wide assortment of family, classic and basic games under the Pressman Toy, Goliath Games and Jax brands.

Haba 2015

Licensed Consumer Products: Stationery (Journals/Notebooks), Stationery Accessories, Key Chains, Wall Decor, Posters, Doormats, Ceramic Mugs, Room/Closet Storage, Collectibles.

Ravensburger is known for its extensive line of puzzles for children and adults, award winning board games, such as bestseller Labyrinth.
BRIO is a Swedish toy brand that creates innovative, high quality wooden toys that give children a safe and fun play experience. Made in Germany.


Breyer is the maker of the world’s finest model horses in collectible assortments of every size, with accessories, vehicles and playsets. Additional brands include CollectA, with over 200 open-stock horses, farm animals and dinosaurs and Big Dig outdoor construction toys.

Smart Toys and Games products develop logical thinking and problem solving skills in all ages through fun, challenging play. Perfect for travel. SmartMax® construction sets enable children to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe and creative way through making strong building structures and vehicles. GeoSmart™ is the future of geomagnetic play with bright colors, strong pieces, and a patented double-lock safety system.

Wowmazing Kit & Wowmazing Bubble Concentrate Pouches.

Haba 2015

The ultimate balance, street, snow and surf simulation board for all ages. Made in the USA.

Inspirational, interactive games and toys that help children play with a purpose that deliver positive messages and create lasting family memories.

Science experiments for school-age children.

Soapstone Carving Kits – Carve a Masterpiece Every Time!

Creators of World’s Smallest, World’s Coolest and Tiny Arcade collections. We offer licensed and non-licensed products designed to elicit smiles. Our products are both classic and trend-forward, from toys that adults had as kids, to items that kids will remember as adults.

Licensed & Non Licensed Arts & Crafts / Toy Cases.

Haba 2015

Fast paced and frenzied, dice and card games.

Thames & Kosmos has published more than 250 unique science kits since 2001, ranging from small, single-experiment kits retailing for under $10, to cutting-edge kits with hundreds of experiments retailing for over $100. T&K has now expanded upon its goal to inspire comprehensive, hands-on learning experiences by introducing a curated selection of German-style board games from world renowned authors and designers.


Modarri “Design and Drive” building toys have Diecast-model quality, and LEGO-like play. These unique toy cars use a modular mix-and-match building system that allows any of the 11 pieces to be interchanged with tons of different styled pieces.

Natural rubber organic toys for babies and toddlers. Rubber teethers, rubber squeakers, rubber rattles, soft toys and baby accessories. Home of Meiya and Alvin. Made in Sri Lanka.

Toy Distributors carrying products from over 40 vendors.

Impulse and novelty toys at everyday great low prices

Haba 2015


Original water bouncing ball and other balls for use in and out of the water.

Brightly colored and spunky designs watchitude slap watches. The Watchitude Move2 is a serious Activity / Fitness / Health Watch with flair!

Developmental toys that are about fun, exploration and discovery in and out of the bath.

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