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Fun Dates Calendars for Kids



Kids Just Want to Have Fun in Your Store!

McManemin Companies is all about FUN! Check out our “ Fun Holiday” calendar for 2015. Everyday is a holiday. Everywhere, everyday someone is celebrating something. Use our calendars developed from fun and wacky websites to have some fun, create special events  and draw customers into your store.

Have contests for Wiggle Your Toes Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, or Tell a Joke Day. Award prizes. Set up in store displays of products for Play in the Sand Day, Read a Book Day, and National Slinky Day.

Invite little ones to bring in their latest ‘lost tooth’ for National Tooth Fairy Day. Have someone dress as the Tooth Fairy and hand out small prizes.

Have a ‘story time’ for Read a Book Day. Invite customers and their kids to come in for a special story time. Have a special ‘grandma’ on hand to read that day. Or, if you have therapy dogs in your community, arrange to have one visit and invite kids to read aloud to the dog. Studies have shown that as children read to dogs (who are non-judgmental) their reading skills improve, self-esteem is built and they associate reading with something pleasant.

The possibilities are yours to explore and develop. At McManemin, we want to point you in the direction of fun, a sense of community and ultimately profit for your organization.


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